Review: Suddora Patriotic Wrist Sweatband Set

Everybody loves a little America now and again, right? I wouldn't consider myself super patriotic, but I own both a pair of American Flag Shoes as well as red white and blue glow sticks. I however didn't have anything america themed for workout hear so when the people over at Suddora offered to send me their Patriotic Wrist Sweatband set, of course I said yes.

They all come from Amazon, which means easy payments and shipping. Inside the normal shipping box were the two wristbands as well as a headband each individually wrapped in a clear plastic with a plastic tag at the top. They were easy to open and protected but I'm not a huge fan of the non-recyclable packaging. 

Verdict: I love these Suddora Sweatbands. They're just the right amount of tacky to look like you have personality without so much that you look trashy. They stay on well and are fairly quality made so no worries about them getting shredded after a few wears. 

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