Review: Snout Stik Nose Balm

I'm sure if you're read my blog you know that I have a dog named checkers. Although sometimes I really am not the biggest fan of her, after babysitting some children and seeing their dog, who was terrible (the kids are awesome) I've come to realize that maybe mine isn't so bad. I mean we do like to take walks together which is why I was so excited about having her try out snoutstik.

Alright so this is an amazon product. As you know, I'm sure, if you knew I had a dog this means a couple of things. First free shipping if you have prime, second easy payment options even if I'm still waiting for them to get on to paypal wagon, and third easy returns if something doesn't work out. All great things. So when the round tube of Snout Stik which is like the nose version of lip balm for dogs came to me I was pretty excited. It looks like any lip balm, is yellow in color and just has a green wrapper that gives it away. Here's what the company had to say. 

"Snoutstik Nose Balm –for dogs with dry noses

Snoutstik was created to help alleviate dry dog noses, caused by allergies, age, heredity, or exposure to the elements.  Snoutstik hydrates, heals and protects naturally.  

Snoutstik is organic and made with 100% natural ingredients.  The packaging is environmentally friendly.

Over 35% of dogs suffer from dry noses.  Breeds such as Bulldogs and Pugs are genetically prone to having dry noses.  Snoutstik’s core combination of healing sunscreens including Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil and Jojoba Seed Oil provide natural relief from pain.  The “stick-style” packaging is modeled after the human ChapStick dispenser making this product easy to use and convenient to carry.

Comes in 3 varieties with these benefits.

ROSEMARY - FOR SOOTHING INFLAMMATION A natural disinfectant; soothes and reduces inflammation and treats bacterial and fungal infections.

LAVENDER - FOR GENTLE NOSE CARE A clean, fresh scent and calming, balancing properties; provides ultra-gentle skin care and can be applied to irritated, itchy spots as a healing aid.

PUMPKIN - FOR ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE Used to treat burns and wounds; heals environmentally damaged and sensitive skin; high in Vitamin A (restores healthy skin tissue) and C (antioxidants protect skin from free radicals)." 

Verdict: When I first got this I was a little worried that checkers would have an issue with it being put on. She didn't care in the least and it wasn't any sort of battle. During the winter she does get dry nose so this is great, and it works out well. 

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