Review: Smart Weigh Digital Kitchen Scale with Removable Bowl


As you might already know, I'm on a diet. Not a very successful one in case you were wondering. I try really hard to watch my portions, but it seems like no matter what I do I take more than that "suggest serving size" and don't realize it until I'm already done eating. It's quite terrible both for my health and those jeans that I want to fit me again. So when the people over at Smart Weight offered to send me their digital kitchen scale with removable bowl to use, I immediately said yes. 

Well, it came via amazon which means a host of good things to do with paying and shipping. It came inside a box that is logoed and non damaged. It didn't look like it had been used previously but when I opened it up looking at both the scale and the bowl they were dirty, and the bowl had a few surface scratches. I'm very unhappy about that. 

Verdict: However when I turned it on, everything seem to be working okay, and the bowl is very easy to attach to the scale, which is nice. It's a great way to weight things that aren't exactly going to fit on a normal scale like fruits and vegetables, as well as putting chips in the bowl to figure out exactly how many calories you're getting. I just wish it hadn't came in damaged. 

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