Review: SkyRox iPhone 6 Case

Well, as it would seem I had to get a new phone (full details latter) so of course since I'm a lover of apple products (and my last phone lasted four years) I got an iPhone. I decided on the six so I was very excited that the people over at SkyRox wanted to send me one of their cases to try out. So of course I'm talking about it. 

Alright so I'm not exactly sure how this thing got to me (who shipped it how to order that kind of thing) but I do know that it came in a padded envelope. Inside was a black case and what looked like two backs one in white and one in pink. Both are a very hard rigid plastic. 

Verdict: I have to say, I really like this SkyRox iPhone 6 Case. It's nice having a solid background for the main parts of the phone, and the color blocks are just a fun addition. I'm especially loving that this comes with a screen protector something that my previous phone needed. 

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