Review: Shoobird Scare Tape


As you might already know I'm very into gardening and have a few beds as well as fruit trees. I put a lot of effort into the whole thing, and the reward of course is the organic fruits and vegetables that I get, as well as seeing a pretty garden. Well thanks to local pests, birds, and rodents I've ended up with more than a few lbs of produce that have to be thrown out since the animal of course doesn't eat the whole thing. Strawberries tend to be their favorite. Then there is the damage that's done, especially to the bark on the fruit trees. So when the people over at PredatorGuard offered to send me their Scare Tape I knew exactly what to use it for. 

"PREDATOR GUARD SCARE TAPE IS USED BY FARMERS & PROPERTY OWNERS AROUND THE WORLD - to frighten birds and other daytime predators and keep them far away from gardens, crops, property, boats & docks.

SCARE TAPE USES VISUAL AND SOUND EFFECTS TO SCARE BIRDS AND OTHER ANIMALS AWAY - The shiny mylar material shimmers in the sunlight, reflecting light in all directions and disorienting nuisance birds & animals. Scare Tape also creates a metallic noise as it flaps in the wind, adding an additional threatening sound to keep pest birds & animals away

SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE, LONG-LASTING - Easy to install in any area with access to light &/or wind
HUMANE, ECO-FRIENDLY - SCARE TAPE is proven to help wildlife and pest bird populations by causing them to migrate to more natural habitat areas where they are free from harm.
GUARANTEED PROTECTION FROM DAMAGE CAUSED BY BIRDS AND WILD ANIMALS - 2 inch x 100 foot roll covers 4000 square feet of area "

This pest tape comes through Amazon, and since I've talked about all the great points this has in other blog posts  I'll save you. Inside it was just wrapped like I'd expect duct tape to be with a plastic coating and the logo on it. To use it, I put it on the bricks in front of the strawberries, which is where all the rodents have to cross to get to them and around the bottom of the trees that had pest issues. In the next few days I noticed a huge difference. No more half eaten strawberries, and the trees were actually able to start growing back their bark. 

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