Review: Orgins Anti-Aging Moisturizer

There are two types of skin care products that I love. Anti-aging things, and lotions. So when the people over at Luxuriance, who I hadn't heard of previously, offered to send me their anti-aging moisturizer of course I wanted to try it, I mean it has everything I'm looking for. Plus I'm curious about almost any beauty product so even without those things going for it, I probably would have given it a try.

Starting with the packaging, this came to me from Amazon and didn't have any box of it's own to go with it, it was just wrapped in that plastic shipping stuff in the box. I'll start by saying this looks exactly like the Miracalis Anti-Aging Facial Serum  packaging, It has the same silver top and base as well as pull off lid. In the middle you can see the white product and the company name, in this case Luxurience and find out that this is an anti-ageing moisturizer. The only difference is this Orgins product doesn't have the silver bands on it. 

Verdict: This lotion comes out very thinly which isn't at all a bad thing. Especially for mornings, if you want to apply it before your makeup routine. It absorbs in easily, and as far as moisture goes I'd say this is a pretty light one, so if you have super dry skin you'll have to find something else. 

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