Review: Majestic Bombay Dog Dental Tools

Previously I reviewed a Majestic Bombay ingrown hair tweezer and really liked the product. It wasn't anything fancy or frilly but it got the job done. However when the company contacted me about reviewing their Dog Dental tools, I was a little confused. I mean does my dog Checkers really need something like this? But then I thought about how many times we wished we could clean her teeth because dog breath isn't a fun thing.

Alright, so like a lot of other products I review this Bombay Dog Dental Tool Set came from Amazon. For shipping you have a few different options, either you can go through the normal Amazon warehouse or get free shipping via Majestic Bombay. I decided on the company's shipping this time. It comes in a shipping envelope and inside didn't have any other packaging except this white holder. Through the clear side you could easily see both tools.

Verdict: I don't have any complaints. Both pieces are quality made, and actually look like something you'd see at the dentist's office. They have groves in the middle for a non slip holding and both the mirror and the scraper so you don't have to worry about dropping it down your dog's throat. 

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