Review: Lovely Lashes Eyelash Curler

No matter what beauty trend you're going for long full lashes are a part of it. I mean can you think of any style that has short or sparse lashes? That's what I though. So when the people over at Lovely Lashes wanted me to try out their eyelash curler I immediately said yes. I've tried out a few other ones like the Bella and Bear and Forte Bellezza, and I was curious to see lovely lashes would work out.

This is an amazon beauty product, and as you probably already know that's a great thing. That means easy shipping and payment with the option to return without hassles. Inside that trademark Amazon shipping box was the hot pink box from Lovely Lashes. On the front is a carton girl with blonde hair, and an odd array of clothing on. The lash curler has black handles with a mostly sliver body with a white eyelash pad.

Verdict: So I figured I could try out this eyelash curler. It is easy to hold and not to heavy. After putting on a coat of mascara, and then pumping this I was impressed. It fits into my eye shape easily and the padding is comfortable. 

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