Review: Liztek USB to Video Graphics Adaptor

Alright, I'll go out and admit it, I'm not all that great with technology. I mean sure I do internet stuff and am an engineering major but that doesn't mean I know what I'm doing. That said I really do love new stuff in the technology world, especially if it has to do with computers. So when the people over at Liztek offered to send me their USB to Video Graphics Adaptor, of course I wanted to try it out. 

This is a product that's available on Amazon, and as you might already know that's a very good thing. It means easy payment options (although they don't accept paypal which is a huge pain) and even easier shipping. Since I'm patient on getting things I did the whole 5-7 day thing.  When they arrive they just came in that normal brown amazon shipping box, but I was happy that inside that they had their own boxes. The boxes are white with a red insert and have the product picture on the front as well as some stats about it.

Verdict: When I'm working or gaming it's nice to have more than one screen up, and even with my bad technology skills figuring out how to use these Liztek products to do that wasn't any trouble at all. You can hook up to six monitors to one computer and I haven't had any trouble getting it working. 

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