Review: Life Essentials Vitamin C Serum

I always worry about how my skin looks. It's an outward sign of healthy and beauty and I like to make it as nice as possible. One way that's received a lot of attention, to keep it up is Vitamin C Serums. I've talked about versions by Instanatural, Amari, Dr Song , and Petunia as well as a few others. So when the people over at Life Essentials offered me their Vitamin C Serum for review of course I was interested. 

It comes from Amazon. If you have amazon prime that means free shipping if you want it in two days, and if you're willing to wait up to a week you can get $1 store credit towards books and ebooks. The payment is easy as long as you don't mind the whole no paypal thing and if  you need to return that's easy too. The bottle is a dark brown, with a white label and dropper dispenser. 

Verdict: This vitamin c serum smells great. It goes into my skin easily and doesn't leave any sort of shine that you're going to have to worry about. Long term it repairs skin damage too. 

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