Review: KISS InstaWave (as seen on TV)

 Even though I've done hair modeling before, in no way do I have nice looking hair. It almost always looks messy and thin. And if I can get hot styling tools to do what I want it never stays for more than an hour. So when the people over at KISS Products offered to send me their InstaWave, a product I've seen in an infomercial on television, of course I wanted to try it out.

Using it is actually pretty simple, and although I read the instructions I don't think you really have to. First off just plug it in, and put it on either the low or high setting and then wait a few minutes for it to heat up. Once it does just hold it parallel and push the button. The fingers are going to grab your hair and twist it down. I didn't have any trouble with it jamming up and it was totally painless. In about 15 minutes (a lot less than I expected) I was done curling my hair and as you can see it looks great. And it lasts too, all day.
You can get your own for $60 at Ulta or Target

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