Review: iCustomLabel Cheer Up Wine Label Set

Personally I'm not a wine drinker. Or any kind of alcohol drinker for that matter. But my mother and both of my grandmothers are big fans of wine so I've given them wine related gifts like the Ozeri Nouveaux Electric Wine Opener, and the Vino Aria Wine Aerator and Pourer both of which I reviewed. So when I was offered the chance to review these funny wine labels I thought they'd help make the perfect gift. 

They came to me in a small envelope via the United States Postal Servies. It was padded and there wasn't any damage at all to the labels so I'd say it's a pretty safe way to go. My first thought when I opened up the envelope was how cute they are. It's a set of three each with a different stressful thing written on them in big colored font, below that a further explanation of the day and then a threat level at the end. First there's rough day, then break down and murder on my mind is the highest threat level. The labels are nicely done and are easy to apply to bottles and stick well and they're waterproof. 

Verdict: I love these wine labels, they're perfect for an event like a wedding where you can save a little money about not having to buy the brand name because you can have your own personalized wine labels, which can be made to match a theme so it's double the good idea. They're easy to apply, wear well and just look cute, so 10/10 from me.

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