Review: iArrow Armored Glass Screen Protector for Galaxy S5

Alright, I'll admit it, I'm that girl who drops her phone, a lot. By a lot I mean just about everyday, and sometimes twice a day. I go to get something off my desk and knock it on the floor or it's in my hand and I reach for the door and drop it on what is usually concrete. So when the people over at armored glass offered to send me one of their glass screen protectors to try out I immediately said yes.

So first off let me start by saying this is actually an iArrow product, a company I've worked with before, reviewing their iArrow Running Armband, which had some good things and bad things about it. This did come from amazon just like the armband which is always a big plus. No worries about some shady company over charging your credit card, and shipping is very easy and if you have prime like I do, it's free.  Inside the normal amazon packaging was the iArrow Armored Glass Screen Protector's box. It's black and rectangular with white font at the bottom and a small label at the top. In the middle is a product picture of exactly what the Armored Glass Screen Protector looks like. 

Verdict: As someone who's constantly dropping their phone, I think this is a great product. The glass is light, and easily goes onto your phone, and it feels like a natural addition to the design. I don't have any complaints about it. 

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