Review: Gurin Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale

Maybe you know this already but I have a small eBay business. It isn't much at all, maybe a sale a week but it works for me. One thing that I did need pretty early on was a scale to weight my packages so I'd know what postage to put on them. That and tape, since I just reuse padded envelopes that I get stuff in to send stuff out. Anyways when the people over at Gurin offered to send me their professional digital kitchen scale to try out I knew it'd be perfect for what I needed. 

It comes from Amazon. As you already know that means a lot of awesome things, so I'll skip over that for now. Inside the amazon box, I was pleased to see that this had it's own box. It's white in color and has the scale product picture on the front of it. The background is a green color. Opening it up you can see that it's packaged really well so you won't have to worry about it getting damaged in transit. 

Verdict: The scale is a simple to use and the readout is easy to read. There are four sensors so that you know you're getting an accurate reading. The touch buttons are awesome and work well. This will work from .05 oz to 12 lbs and 10.8 oz. perfect for shipping small items. 

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