Review: Gaffer Power Tape

When I was first contacted about reviewing gaffer power tape, I have to say that I didn't have any idea what Gaffer Power tape was prior to this review. I was told though that it was good for home projects as well as stage work so I figured it'd be great to try out. 

It came to me through amazon. And you can order it direct from there. The whole thing is pretty easy, since you can pay with gift cards and do the whole free shipping thing if you have prime. It came in a plastic wrap (of course after you get the Amazon box off) and I have to say when I took that plastic stuff off, it smelled a little, but luckily that went away pretty fast. 

Verdict: I tried out the tape, seeing how well it held against strain, and I was impressed that it didn't break off even when I was pulling with all my strength. The best part is removing it though. It doesn't leave any nasty residue like duct tape does, so you can put it just about anywhere without worry. 

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