Review: Foxbrim Vitamin C Serum

In the recent past I've reviewed a few different Foxbrim products without making too long of a list, their hyaluronic acid serum, compete anti-aging moisturizer, vitamin c lotion, ultra lift treatment, and  eye cream. All of these were actually great skin care products so when foxbrim contacted me about trying out their Vitamin C advanced moisturizing serum with amino complex and hyaluroinc acid I immediately said yes. I had previously tried out a few Vitamin C type of serums so I was curious to see how Foxbrim's version compared. 

It seems like all the smaller skincare brands have products you can get direct from Amazon, and Foxbrim is one example of that. Unlike some of the other brands it isn't just your payment that goes through Amazon, but since Foxbrim actually has their products in Amazon warehouses you can have it shipped from there, which if you have prime like I do free shipping and the option to have no rush and get a dollar credit toward books which I'm so going to be needing at the beginning of the semester.  

Anyways. This Foxbim Vitamin C Advanced Moisturizing Serum comes in a dark brown glass jar. That's perfect for not only keeping out the sun, which can cause the serum to break down, but also because it won't be leaking any type of toxins since it's a glass container. Across the middle is the Foxbrim logo in white with blue chevron across it. There isn't all that much information on the bottle, but it's easy enough to look up the ingredients and see what they do. 

Verdict: Other than the whole dropper applicator that this Foxbrim Vitamin C Serum has, I'm a huge fan. It is colorless, doesn't have the oder that I normally associate with hyaluroinc acids and feels great going on my skin. Within a few days I noticed a big improvement in the moisture level of my skin. This Foxbrim Advanced Moisturizing Serum is a winter necessity for me. 

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