Review: Foxbrim Ultra Lift Treatment

I've had a lot of experience with Foxbrim. I've reviewed their Hyaluronic Acid Serum, anti-aging moisturizer, vitamin c lotion, and their youthful radiance eye cream. After testing them each out, I can say that I have a pretty high opinion of the Foxbrim brand, each product felt good on my skin and worked well. So when they offered up their Ultra Lift Treatment for review, of course I said yes, even if I am a little younger than most users would be.

It came from amazon, which means all the normal pluses from buying there. They only negative about amazon is the annoying emails sellers send you, but Foxbrim doesn't do that. It comes wrapped up so it won't get damaged in the shipping process. The bottle itself is white and has a white cap with a push down lid underneath. Wrapped all the way around is a blue chevron sort of print label with a white insert where all the information about the product is and it's logo.

The push down lid is very easy to use and the lotion itself is a pure white, and thick. Going on it feels thick too, and has a slight oder, but isn't bad. I was surprised because how thick it is, that it actually goes into my skin well, and absorbs in less than five minutes. Afterwards my skin just feels smooth. 

Verdict: When I first put this Ultra Life Treatment on my face, I didn't expect to like it, it's thick and seems like it'd clog pores. But it went into my skin like a dream and I was just left with soft smooth and firm feeling skin. 

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