Review: FoodWorks Colored Silicone Ice Pop Makers

I'm not sure if I'm the only one on this or maybe I'm alone, but I have to say that I love cold treats. It doesn't matter if there's snow on the ground, I'll take a popsicle or ice cream, and be happy. So when the people over at FoodWorks offered to send me their ice pop makers to check out I immediately said yes, even though I've already reviewed the BeeSili version, and the LeanPops ones

Alright so like the other two silicone ice pop makers that I tried out, this one comes from Amazon. I have to say though that it looks a little nicer than the previous ones. Inside the normal and boring brown amazon box was this gorgeous white one staring back at me. On the front it has an an array of popsicle molds in different colors with some product information on black. My favorite part is the main information just so happens to be in rainbow colors across the middle.

Verdict: After cleaning these out, making kool-aid, I was able to try these out. I love that they have a wide mouth making it easy to pour stuff in, and that they are easy to hold. They really are water tight too. So if you want to give them as a gift or keep them yourself I think they're perfect. 

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