Review: Erase by Luxurience Scrub

As you might, and by might I mean you're sure to, know that over the past six months or so I've kind of become a skin care junkie. I've tried out a whole host of different products, mostly because I was curious and wanted to share what I found out about them with you guys. So when the people over at Luxurience offered their Erase Scrub for me to review, of course I said yes. I mean I did really like the Luxurience Orgins Moisturizer I tried out

It comes through Amazon, and I won't bore you with all the details on why, but that is really a great thing. Inside the shipping box all wrapped in bubble wrap was the Erase scrub. It has a hard plastic shell that looks a lot like glass and a white twist off lid. The companion piece is a sample size origins product.

Trying it out, I think the company really hit on the head their "spa like" idea. Its a micro abrasive and so isn't very harsh. I applied twice a week and followed with a moisturizer. It doesn't have any scent or cause irritation and I like that it's colorless so no worries on residue. 

Verdict: After using the Erase by Luxurience Scrub, the first thing I noticed was the dry patches on my skin. Or lack there of. After continued use, my blackheads have diminished and I'm just left with smoother clear skin. 

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