Review: EnvyDerma Mascara

As far as mascara goes, I like a little variety. Sometimes I want my lashes to just be darker, other times I want more volume, but most of the time I want length. Most importantly it has to look natural on my lashes, which is actually the hardest requirement to meet. When the people at EnvyDerma offered their volume mascara for lash enhancement and conditioning I was very interested. I'd tried out their liquid eyeliner and volumizing lip gloss and loved both of them so I figured this mascara had a pretty good chance at being great.

First of all lets talk about packaging. This mascara came in a shiny silver cardboard box, that's very narrow. On the top and bottom it has black accents with silver lettering and on the main silver it has black lettering. Personally I like the whole no frills thing it has going. The lettering is the EnvyDerma name, along with a tiny bit of product info and weight. The mascara tube itself has the same silver color, although it's matte, and is on the narrow side for mascara tubes. Inside it has a brush that's thicker in the middle and tappers off at both sides.

Opening up the mascara I noticed that it was a little hard to get out of the tube. I also noticed that the wand was pretty bendy which is kind of cool. Putting it on my lashes I was impressed. It goes on easily. It made my lashes a whole lot darker longer, and added quite a bit of volume without clumping up. Very impressed with it. 

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