Review: Dot & Dot Travel Organizer

Awhile back I reviewed the extra small dot and dot organizer. It was the perfect for what I needed, more organization of my school supplies and even in the rough and tumble world that is my backpack it's held up well. So when the people over at Dot&Dot offered to send me their travel/luggage organizer for review I immediately said yes. 

Like a lot of things that I've been doing reviews on lately this travel bag came from Amazon. Unlike a lot of the other products though, I was directed there by the company site, for ease of ordering it seems. There were a ton of colors to choose from, pinks, and blues, and greens but I ended up with a simple grey bag so as to have it match any luggage that I'm using. quickly and actually was packaged with a Dot&Dot zip closed bag that I plan on reusing for holding my DIY projects. 

Verdict: I've been using this Dot&Dot Travel/Luggage organizer for a trip and I have to admit I'm very impressed. It holds a whole lot more than I thought it would, nothing I've done has left a mark on it and it has a great design. I love the half mesh front, and the honey comb fabric design on the fabric. I think I might have to buy a few for my father (he goes on business trips) for Christmas. 

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