Review: Death Wish Coffee

I have to say that until very recently I wasn't a coffee drinker. If someone (a close friend haha) had a coffee and wanted me to try some I'd give it a go, but there was no way I could take more than a few sips of it. However that all changed recently thanks to an espresso machine I was given. I've started to actually enjoy drinking coffee, and look forward to having it after dinner. So when the people over at Death Wish Coffee offered to send me some of their coffee to try out, of course I wanted to do it. 

Alright so this came shipped to me in a normal cardboard box, perfect if you want to buy it as a gift for someone in your house and don't want them to know about it beforehand. The bag is just adorable. I love the skull and cross bones across the front the black bag color along with the large front really make it. The fact that this is a 1LB bag verses a 14 oz bag (which is more common) is nice too.

Verdict: I decided to make this coffee for the people I intern for (more on that in the future) and when they first tasted it I got the same reaction, strong. But they liked it, and when I tried it myself I was impressed that it wasn't only strong but still had a nice flavor. 

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