Review: Custom on It Custom Sweatband

As you might already know, I really like sweatbands, I mean I really like them. I've reviewed a pink ribbon version as well as a patriotic version. So when the people over at Custom on It offered to send me a random sweatband of theirs to see the embroidery job on it, of course I said yes. Thanks to my mom and her sewing skills I do actually know a little something about embroidery.

There isn't much to say about the packaging. It came to me in a normal mail kind of way and the only packing it contains is a protective plastic cover. On the inside giving it a little bit of body is a small cardboard piece in a white/grey color. Personally I like the lack of logo because it makes this a much better corporate gift since the makers aren't advertising themselves.

Verdict: Looking at the Custom on it Custom Sweatband I noticed that they actually used a fairly nice material to make the bands. Next I looked at the embroidery. It isn't loose or falling apart and none of the colors are overlapping so I'd say it's a pretty good job, especially since all the treads are cut. 

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