Review: COVERPLUG Outlet Covers

Personally I'm a big fan of having a house full of outlets. if I could have them every five feet that'd be great. I mean what sounds better than being able to plug in your laptop or phone anywhere, or put up a light anywhere. The problem is, when an outlet isn't in use, it's pretty ugly. So when the people over at COVERPLUG offered me a solution and of course I had to see how it'd work out.

Alright so these outlet covers came shipped to me in the normal brown box way. No sort of branded packaging that serves as advertisement for the company, which to be honest is refreshing. Inside was a cardboard box in a light grey. It has caution like stripes as a header and footer, a very detained product picture, and the COVERPLUG name on it.

Verdict: The outlet covers are very easy to fit in place, and to take off when needed, and when you pain them the color of your walls you don't even realize they're there unless you're looking for them. I especially love the whole no instillation thing. 

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