Review: Bri Nutrition Yacon Syrup

As you probably already know, I'm not just trying to loose weight, I'm trying to be healthier. And trust me there is a difference between the two. So when Bri Nutrition offered me their yacon syrup to review I immediately said yes. Especially since after I reviewed the last Yacon syrup and realized that not all of these syrups are the same. 

First of all this is an amazon product. So that means easy fast free shipping if you're an Amazon Prime member, and if you're a patient Amazon Prime member it also means $1 towards books and e-books. After that whole opening of the cardboard box thing this is what's inside. A dark brown hard plastic bottle of Yacon Syrup (it says it in white font on black on the side of the label) with a label that has a field and the information that this is 100% natural. It has the company logo and some nutrition facts. Here's what the company says. 

"Independent studies have yielded results that point to significant reduction in appetite in people who regularly take Yacon. Naturally, when you do not eat as much, your body has lesser calories to process. At a certain point, there will be a significant deficit (when your daily calorie needs exceed your actual intake), in which case the body will start metabolizing its calorie reserves."

Verdict: Personally I don't believe there is any quick way to loosing fat of any kind. The easiest way and the best way is through fitness training. That being said I did noticed my appetite diminish in my time using Yacon Syrup and this Bri Nutrition version tastes good, like really good. I don't mind at all taking two teaspoons of it a day. 

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