Review: Body Merry Stretch Marks & Scars Defense Cream

I've shared a few different Body Merry products with you guys in the form of reviews. Both a Hyaluronic Dew Serum and an age defense eye cream. So when I was offered the chance to review their Stretch Marks and Scar Defense Cream of course I said yes because their last two products were great. Plus I figured I need this for those random scars on my knees and the one that I got from doing sugar waxing. And a defense against stretch marks is never a bad thing.

This comes from amazon which is a huge plus. That almost always means good customer service, as well as fast shipping and no hassle payment. If you have prime like I do, it also means free shipping and if you choose the longer delivery time a $1 credit towards books and e-books. This lotion comes with a white product box with orange sides. It has a little information about the product. The tub that the Body Merry Cream is white with a twist off lid, and has an orange label with some information about the product and the body merry logo.

The lotion come out in a pure white color. It has the faint scent of coco butter (which is in it by the way) as well as an herbal scent. Going into my skin it felt very light, and actually a little wet. It absorbed well though and very quickly.

Verdict: Although I can't say that it has helped that much with my scars on my knees, it felt great on my skin. It smells very good too. I liked that it didn't gum up on my skin or irritate it in any way. So I'm happy with it. 

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