Review: Bobee Elephant Wall Decals

I don't think I've talked about this before, although I kind of hinted at it when I did that whole stroller organizer review. So when the people over at Bobee offered to send me their two elephant wall decal, I had to say yes, because I think it'll be adorable in a nursery. I mean I've previously done a wall decal  and loved the look so I was really excited to order.

So, although the company is Bobee, and their site is fully functioning with contact info and pictures when you click to order, you're actually redirected to Amazon. Personally I think this is fantastic.  It means free shipping (for people with Amazon Prime) as well as easy payment options. The Bobee Elephant wall decals came in a round tube which is great because that means no chance of it getting folded.

To apply these, the first thing you have to do is get them out of the tube and set something on them so they'll flatten out. To be safe do this for at least 12 hours. Then clean the wall with rubbing alcohol where you're going to be applying the decal. Rub the back of the decal with a credit card to reactivate the stickiness peel off the white paper, and then stick it to the wall. Smooth out all the bombs with the credit card.

Verdict: The Bobee Elephant Decal, which I got the double elephant design is perfect. The elephants were easy to apply and look great in the room. Perfect addition to a nursery. 

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