Review: Bellyminator

I've been trying to get in shape. Not just do the whole diet and weight loss thing but actually get some muscle, you know be toned and healthy. But I'm not the biggest fan of working out. To be honest it is actually that I don't have time to do it. I work, and go to school full time as well as trying to keep up a beauty/fashion/lifestyle or whatever it is blog. Plus I'm lazy when it comes to that kind of stuff. So when the people over at bellyminator offered to send me their all day ab trainer of course I said yes.

It came to me in the normal sort of shipping stuff, not a branded box or anything. Inside was this red cardboard packaging with a plastic insert. You can see a very muscular man and woman standing on the side, as well as this being an adjustable size. But looking at the plastic insert, I was thinking "what is this thing?"

"The Bellyminator provides solution to your abdominal shaping and posture issues. It is designed around training your mind to control your abs and posture by sending a precise and effective message to your brain to keep your abdominal and back muscles contracted, for as long as you need them, to develop a muscle memory. This will maintain the required shape even when you take the Bellyminator off. The product is built upon same principles as Pavlov’s Noble Prize winning Conditioned Reflex research.  

Bellyminator is a discrete device, that can be worn uner your clothes so you can use it wherever and whenever you want.  It is a great supplement to your workouts and walks.  It does not use batteries and is fully analog using simple yet very natural principles in core muscle toning."

Verdict: Honestly I can't say that I've seen too much improvement in having toned abs. There is however one great thing. My posture is so much better thanks to wearing the bellyminator. I'm normally a sloucher and with this on, I don't do that. When taking it off I ever retain that posture. 

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