Review: Bella & Bear The Pluckers Tweezer Set

Quite awhile ago, I did two reviews for the lovely company that is Bella & Bear, trying out their Hair She Goes Hair Removal Kit as well as their Eye and Mighty eyelash curler both of which I absolutely loved. So when they asked me about trying out their The Pluckers I immediately said yes. Partially because I knew that with Bella and Bear I'd be getting a good product and partially because I really needed a tweezer set. 

Alright, to start with you can order these beauties on Amazon, or through the Bella & Bear website. The come shipped an unbranded box, and inside is the trademark gorgeous packaging. The box itself is a rose pink with white font, and has a large plastic insert so you can easily see all three of the tweezers, and they're laying on a bed of patterned rose print with polkadots. The tweezers themselves have a light blue green color and all have the Bella & Bear name on them.

Alright so here's what the tweezers are, one for getting those short, barely there hairs, another for getting those nasty ingrown hairs, and one for the longer but thinner hair. So I tested each one out, and I can say that they work exactly has they should, no hair cutting or breakage with this bunch. 

Verdict: I think this Bella & Bear The Pluckers Tweezer Set is great. The packaging is cute, and the tweezers look great, meaning this is a set that's perfect as a gift. But this set isn't all looks, each of the tweezers does a great job, and wear well. 

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