Review: Beauty Oils.Co Rosehip Oil

I'm all about products that are natural, because to be honest I don't trust that they do enough testing on things that are made in labs. I don't mean that I don't believe that they help your skin, I just don't think they do long term tests to make sure the product isn't bad for your body. So when I was given the chance to review rose hip oil awhile ago I loved it. So much so actually that when the people at Beauty Oil.Co offered to send me their 100% pure rose hip oil to review I immediately said yes.

It comes in what I'd consider one of the prettier boxes I've seen. It's red with white font and a white insert that has multicolored font on it. Some how this reminds me of an art deco sort of thing from the 60's. One side just has a bar code sticker the other has directions and the recyclable symbol The back has a proudly made in California sign. The bottle is a hard plastic that looks like a glass (for example the foxbrim hyaluronic acid bottle). The lid is different than I've ever seen though. It twists off and you can use it that way or you can just down on the cap and it'll partially open up so you can squeeze out product.

To use, as a moisturizer apply 1-2 drops to areas that are prone to dry skin and fine lines. Reapply as needed. For any time day or night. It's sort of a yellowy brown color which is a little odd, and not my favorite but it doesn't seem to give any color to my skin so I think it's fine. It felt great going on my skin and absorbed nicely, and I quickly noticed the results, softer skin. 

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