Review: Azure Naturals Ultimate Rosehip

You've probably seen AzureNaturals on my blog before, because I really love their products. Their argan oil and wrinkle cream work wonders for my skin and hair. So when the people over at Azure Naturals offered to send me their Ultimate rosehip oil to review, I immediately said yes, because I figured it'd be a pretty good product.

Like the other Azure Naturals products I've talked about this rosehip seed oil comes from amazon. Since I've already talked about all the benefits of that, I'll spare you the details this time around, and more on to the packaging. The Rosehip oil came in a dark brown glass bottle which is good because it means no chemicals from plastic, and because the dark color will keep sunlight out, and not degrade the product inside. Around the middle is a red label with white font, and the standard banner at the top with the Azure Naturals name and logo.

To use the rosehip oil, simply put some on to skin. If you have irritation just wash it off. Even though I have mildly sensitive skin it didn't bother me one bit. After using for awhile I noticed, not only that my skin had more moisture, but my previous sun damage was less noticeable. 

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