Review: Azure Naturals Ultimate Emu Oil

One of the first glass bottle skin care products that I reviewed was the Azure Naturals Anti-Wrinkle Cream and I loved it enough to want to more reviews of independent skincare companies' products so  when they offered to send me the Ultimate Emu oil to review I immediately said yes, but to be honest I wasn't sure exactly what it was. But I decided I could figure it out. 

First off this is an amazon product so that means all the good things about amazon. Free shipping with prime, easy payments and easy returns with no worries. The Azure Naturals product was simply put in a brown amazon shipping box and had protective packaging around it. It has a dark brown glass bottle with a plastic push down lid, and a greenish blue label around it's middle. 

The question is really what is EMU oil? As it turns out, it's actually made from the tissue of the Emu bird, and I find that really disgusting. As someone who doesn't eat meat, I can't imagine putting it all over my skin knowing that an animal was killed for it. 

Verdict: As much as I've seen about the benefits of Emu oil I won't use it. I've seen quite a few Emus (at zoos and such) and I'm a big fan of birds so morally I couldn't do it. But even if it wasn't a moral issue isn't it a little gross?

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