Review: Azure Naturals Ultimate Argan

I've reviewed a few different argan oils, like the Bargain Argan , Moroccan Argan, and a texture paste with organ  so going into this azure naturals review I do know a little about the product. Like that whole Emu Oil incident. Of course though I still want to see how the AzureNaturals (a brand I've had quite a bit of luck with) compares with others. 

Alright so this is a product listed on Amazon and as you know that's a huge selling point for me. It means that you don't have to worry about shipping, and payment is super simple. Also you won't be added to some bothersome email list. In the amazon shipping box, my Azure Naturals ultimate argan oil was wrapped quite nicely in bubble wrap. It has a dark brown bottle, that is going to keep the sunlight from breaking down the argan oil, and an easy to use black plastic push down dispenser. Around the middle is a sunshine yellow label with black lettering and a white banner at the top with the Azure Naturals logo. 

Alright so getting this product out with the push down lid is quite easy. I use it on my hair (you can also apply it to your skin), and start at the tips and use less as I go on to coat my hair for a light overnight mask. Then was all absorbed in by morning. During the day if my ends are dry I apply it. 

Verdict: I was very impressed with the Azure Naturals Ultimate Argan. Unlike previous argans I've tried it doesn't have quite as strong of a smell, and it's more of brown in color instead of yellow. Both of which are big pluses in my opinion. So 5* for this product. Totally loving Azure Naturals. 

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