Review: Amari Vitamin C Serum

In the past six months (actually less than that I think), I've been given a ton of skin care products to try out. I wouldn't quite say that I'm a beauty blogger yet, but I think I'm getting there. When the people over at Amari offered to send me their professional grade formula Vitamin C renewing serum of course I said yes. I was immediately interested to see what the difference would be between this Amari version and other Vitamin C serums I've tried out such as Dr. Song's, InstaNatural, Day by Day , Petunia, Le Beaute

Just like each of the other vitamin c serums that I've tried out this Amari version came from Amazon. I was able to choose not only payment via Amazon but also have my product shipped from their warehouse. For me this is great, since I have Amazon prime and meant not only did I not have to pay for shipping but if I was willing to wait a few extra days to get it, which of course I was, I could have $1 credit towards books and ebooks. Unlike some of the other products I get through amazon though this one wasn't just floating around the box, but rather packaged securely with those bubble things. 

Taking it out, I saw that it was a dark brown glass jar, great both because it doesn't have chemicals coming out, and because it keeps the sunlight from breaking down the serum. Across the middle it has a white label and mostly black font, that offers some product information and is very easy to read. I especially love that it has a push down lid, and even a cap to go with it. 

Verdict: Putting on the vitamin c serum it's sort of a translucent white, and feels very cold, even if it's been sitting at room temperature. It goes into my skin easily, and automatically hydrates it. After continued use my skin feels smoother and looks healthier. 

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