Review: All Seeing Monitor Mirror

Let me start by saying that I review a lot of Amazon products. A lot of times they have just released sort of goods, from small companies that aren't yet up to big box stores, and there are so many cool ideas going around. Sometimes however that isn't exactly the case. I was offered this All Seeing Monitor Mirror, and said yes, because to be honest I thought it was like a monitor, as in camera that was made to look like a mirror, but that isn't really it. 

As I mentioned earlier this is an amazon product. That means fast easy shipping and no payment worries even if you think you're dealing with some sort of shady company. Inside the trademark amazon packing taped normal brown box was this product. It has a white cardboard rest with a plastic insert that shows the product.

Verdict: To tell the truth I don't really "get" this product. It's big and bulky and on my laptop is way too much. The mirror does show well behind you so that's good. I guess if you have a persistent problem of people sneaking up on you this could be useful but otherwise not so much. 

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