Review: Adeline Hyaluronic Acid Serum

I have to say hyaluronic acid is quite a cool thing. I've tried one from Instanatural , Foxbrim, Dr. Song, Morea, and Joyal  among a few others. So when the people over at Adeline offered theirs for me to review, I knew a little bit of what I was getting into. So I figured I could try out theirs and see how it worked. 

Just like a lot of other beauty products that I review this one comes from Amazon. That means before you buy you can see lots of reviews and what other people thing. Also free shipping (as long as you have prime), easy payments, and a good return policy. Inside the brown box was this package. It has a matte silver base and lid. The middle is clear and shows the product. Across the middle is a clear label that has a small Adeline logo. Black font throughout. Underneath the lid is a push down dispenser. Here's what the company has to say

EASY TO USE - just apply twice daily and enjoy tighter, toned, younger looking skin in the morning. Just 60 seconds a day is all it takes to reverse the signs of aging and turn heads with your radiant, youthful skin!

IMAGINE having a smooth, even skin tone and a glowing complexion... even when you're not wearing makeup! Age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes fade effortlessly with just twice daily usage!

NATURAL NUTRITION for your skin - Hyaluronic Acid Serum contains Retinol, a blend of Vitamin A for elasticity, collagen formation, and sun damage repair; Vitamin C for improved moisture, elasticity, and tone; Vitamin D to moisturize skin and promote healing; Vitamin E for anti-oxidant protection and non-greasy moisture!

GENTLE on skin - will not sting or burn when applied! This is the best anti wrinkle and anti aging serum available on the market. Great for even sensitive skin!" 

Verdict: I love how this Adeline Hyaluronic Acid Serum feels going on my skin. It's cool and light and almost feels like water, but unlike water it isn't drying out my skin, rather it's hydrating it. After five hours from applying my skin feels soft and moisturized. 

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