Pet Photos: Cricket with me and a Feed Bag

I just got to six photos of my kitty kat kricket which means I can do a collage of her. The first two photos are of her one day when she was especially friendly and decided to come sit on my lap. The above photo of us is cute, but the one below looks like we weren't ready. The next photo is of my cat looking at her friends the fish, who she liked even before I went and got more on saturday. Next to that is a photo of Cricket, and to be honest I have no idea what she's doing to me, and I just now realized I'm wearing that exact outfit (the jeans and heart print shirt) right now, which is a little awkward. The last two photos are of my cat with a feed bag that I made into a grocery bag. I'm thinking of selling them on Etsy but I hate that you have to use your bank account. 

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