OWNONLY Custom Suits

 What's better than a man in a suit... Nothing, absolutely nothing. There have actually been studies on it, and a suit on a man to a woman is to a bikini on a woman to a man. But, that doesn't mean every suit looks good. Actually wearing a suit that's ill fitting is a huge turn off. You know the kind I'm talking about. Too long of sleeves or pants, too tight around the middle or over all just too big or small. It looks like it belongs to someone else. So when I found out about OWNONLY I'll admit I was a little excited, because it can help change how the men in my life look for the better. And purchasing is so simple.
 The first step is figuring out what you want. They have suits, shirts, blazers and a whole host of accessories. Of course I clicked on the suits, and spent a good ten minutes deciding which one would be my favorite because really, the options seem endless. On the product page the materials are listed, and there are a ton of pictures of the suit. Inside the jacket, the hemline of the pants, the collar, and more so you're going to know exactly what you're getting. Then you can click the customization button. 

Choose between fit and slim for the cut, slim or shaw lapel, the back vent, then buttons and pockets, the facing, and even an option to get your suit monogramed, and the lining color, and style. Then you're on the pants where you can decide about the pleats, pants head, pockets, and at the end lots of "extra" custom features, like a hidden pocket inside the coat for your phone, cuffed pants, suspender buttons, custom collar underlining, and pic stitch just to name a few. And then free shipping. 
And if all that isn't cool enough on orders over $99 you get free shipping, and next friday (black Friday) they're going to be having a ton of deals!

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