Outfit: Tribal Print Scarf


Fall, or Autumn if you're fancy, is already here. With all my school work and new internship I didn't even notice it came up. Luckily though I realized it in time to but together a warm weather outfit for this season, that's actually quite simple. Just an outfit that's easy to put on and wear around. Around town I'd wear the scarf tied across my neck and for school as a shawl. The photo below is me sneezing. 
 Scarf - I'm loving this scarf from Oasap. Not only does it look great with a jacket around my neck, but as a shawl too! The black and white tribal print goes with just about any solid colored piece of clothing I own. My favorite thing about the scarf though is how soft it is.

Jeans - Pretty much just your average pair of jeans. The medium color is easy to pair with most outfits, and of course I like that they're skinny legged. The higher waist isn't a bad thing either. 

Shoes - These silver flats are my go to pair of shoes until winter. Not only are they easy to put on and comfy to wear but they go with just about anything. Actually I have a gold pair just like them the outfits the silver pair doesn't work for. 

Tank - Normally I only wear these kind of tanks under thin shirts, and I kind of wish I'd have kept with that. It just isn't flattering. I do have to say though that the tank is a pretty color. 


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