Outfit: Cutout Black Dress for Curves


Naturally I'm a fairly thin girl. I don't really have any sort of curves, but am lucky enough to have both a narrow waist and narrow chest which gives me the illusion of having something. Somehow though when I put on this black dress, which I assumed was going to be a whole lot less modest than it is, I magically get a butt and boobs. Which of course is always exciting. The slit is a little high, and kind of annoying with such a long skirt so this isn't a dress you can just wear out and about, but I decided on a clubbing or "hot date night" look that it's more than appropriate for. 
 Dress - Before trying this dress on, my first thought was that it was going to be a "ho dress". When I put it on though I was pleasantly surprised at how modest it is. Then I realized how curvy it made me and I was even happier. The best part though is that you can wear your normal bra with it, something that can't be said about a lot of the dresses that I own. 

Shoes - I remember in my bow back dress outfit featuring these shoes. They're perfect for making the dress look a little more classy, and giving it a little bit of a rocker feel. A more daring girl might want to go for a higher heel though since the dress is so long. 

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