Life Photos: Disabled iPhone, Traffic, Sitting, Fan

The first photo is one that's slightly annoying. Someone that I'm in class with thought it'd be funny to take my phone at the end and thinking they'd just give it up I walked away. Well they had it for the next two hours until I had my next class, and I did actually need it that day. They thought it'd be super funny to lock me out for an hour which hasn't happened since writing class in high school. The next photo is of me sitting in traffic one Saturday afternoon. The police decided to block a lane and traffic was less than walking speed for four stop lights thanks to them. They could of easily gotten to the shoulder but you know that'd be too much work. Next is a very blurry accidental photo that has my pink coat from Oasap in it. 

Next to that is a photo taken at the same place, or at least I think it is, school. The jacket is this girl who sat next to me... She's actually sitting next to me now... Above that is some poster that was hanging above my desk one day when I walked into my internship. I thought it was some work harder thing which would be ridiculous considering I ask and suggest things all the time. It's not that though I still don't know what it is all about. Above that is a fan

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