Life Photos: CofC, 2 Computer Screens, Ebay, Porsche

You might remember, I did an app review of clash of clans. I stopped playing it all summer, because I was wasting a ton of time. While "babysitting" some kids they redownloaded it on my phone. So now I'm playing it again, and I'm in a clan with a bunch of my classmates so as much as I want to delete it, I doubt they'll let me.  Next is picture of another kid's computer when I needed his password so I could see if any of our random problems lined up for the online math homework. A few did but not as many as I would have liked.  While I was walking into my internship I noticed this beauty, an older model Porsche sitting in the parking lot. 

The last on the row is a halloween thing that one of my mother's friends was giving out for halloween but because of all the rain, and even a little snow, she only had a few trick or treater so I ended up with a few of the gift bags. Above that is two packages I sent out with eBay. I don't really sell all that much on the site, less than once a week but every once in awhile I'll sell a ton of things at one time which is always awesome, although its more of a get rid of my stuff kind of thing than make money because there isn't much money to be had after paypal and ebay fees. Above that and last is a picture of my laptop after the latest apple update. It's a terrible and useless photo. 

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