Life Photos: 99% Mechanics, Trig Identities for a Ginger

The first photo, is one that I sent to my parents. On a mechanics test that I thought I could have done pretty bad on, I ended up with a 99% which made me feel like a big genius. Unfortunately we have another test coming up and it might not be as easy. I can hope though, and study, hope and study. Looking at that picture again, I'd say my free body diagram looks like a pro drew it. Below that is a math problem that I did, and wanted to check with someone else to see how it was. Next is an example from someone's math homework that looked very similar to mine so I figured I could take a picture of it and see if it'd help me out. To tell the truth I completely forgot about it until I was clearing out my phone, so it didn't help me. 

Then there's a thermodynamics homework problem, we keep turning in homework for that class but don't get anything back, so I'm not exactly sure what's going on with my grade. I did get 100% on the test so that's a start. Above that is a picture of free body diagram stuff, since my teacher (professor) threatened to give us quizzes over them. I think he forgot because we haven't had one. And this is yet another picture that didn't help me out because I completely forgot about it. Last is a picture for my friend "ginger" (because she has red hair). She needed help with this math problem that has to do with Trig Identities so after about ten minutes of struggling I finally got the right answer and sent it to her. 

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