I'm almost where I want to be

Back in high school I remember making a mental list of what I wanted to do while I was in college, and what kind of person I wanted to become. Since then I've reevaluated these "goals" of mine , but a few of the basic things about what I wanted to spend my time doing stayed the same. I wanted to continue going to school full time, toward my engineering degree, have a part time internship during the school year, and have most of my weekends filled with modeling jobs, like the hair one I talked about. All while being able to maintain my blog with posts at least a few times a week. 

This semester, when I wasn't even thinking about all of my lofty goals, it seems like everything has fallen together in that regard. Of course they aren't perfect. School is still hard and stressful, my (paid) internship is a little boring, and the modeling job I have for the rest of the semester isn't print but an hourly spokesmodel gig that I was "strongly persuaded" to do (but more on that later). I also need to work on the whole posting more often thing...

That said, I'm really proud of myself. A year ago, or even six months ago I would have been too shy to go to a job interview or a photo shoot, and now, it's no big deal. I feel like I've been come more of an adult too, and not just because of my new dark circles. I still have a few things I need to work on, and two very specific goals that need a lot of work for me to achieve, but I'm a whole lot closer than I was even a few months ago. 

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