Homework: Psychology Case Study Cole Family

Here's my part of a group project case study that was done in my summer Psychology class, working with families. We ended up getting 100% but that might be because of easy grading.
The family whose members include Jed the father, Maria the mother, their son Clint who is ten and daughter Sarah who is six, also Jack has recently become a part of their family who is their seventeen year old nephew. Jed’s mother can also be considered part of the family because she does a large amount of child care for the family, and is a source of conflict. Jed and Maria arrived for help because they are feeling stress from life. Up until recently they have been happy with their life, but lately their marriage has been strained. They were used to living life in a traditional marriage, but are migrating to a relationship with more equality between a husband and wife. This stress has started to cause them to disagree on “everything”.  There are also issues with Jed’s mother that they are looking to resolve.

Since there aren’t any other agencies involved, although I think there is some concern that they school could become involved because of Clint’s emotional issues, we can start right away with what the family wants without having to worry about making people outside of the family happy.  I think that the family just wants to find a way to stop having so much stress in their lives, and Jed and Maria want to be able to come together on issues, and work through them instead of just fighting. There are some other issues that need to be looked at though, such as the risky behavior that Jack is exhibiting, from drug use, to having multiple sexual problems, and the fact that he is doing very poorly in school. Maria, needs help with her low self-worth issues, something that Jed may also have to work on, which would probably help the family stress level.  Clint seems to have the most issues to work through though, and would require a lot of attention.


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