Homework: PSY B 104 Extra Credit

Extra credit in a psychology class. All I had to do was write a report about what I learned from a research paper. 

Adolescents and Sleep

Researchers in the this study about Sleep Disorders in Adolescents, were interested in studying the impact that sleep problems can have on a child’s daytime functioning. Things like depression, attention problems, and poor school performance were expected to be higher among adolescents who had chronic sleep reduction and low sleep duration. To perform this study a sample of 794 adolescents were placed into two groups based on how they slept, one for those who had low sleep duration over a long period of time, the second for those with high sleep duration over a long period of time. The researchers then compared the daytime functioning between the two groups in categories, like school performance, ability to focus, and overall mood. 

Results were then calculated by researchers who asked key questions to both the adolescents and the parents about the child’s day time functioning.  This data was then taken down by the researchers who found when comparing the results between the two groups, with low sleep duration, and the group with high sleep duration, found that the adolescents in the group with low sleep duration performed lower in school, had increased attention problems, and increased depression, when compared to the results from the children who had high sleep duration over a long period of time. These results were in line with what the researchers expected that they would find from the study.

This study does have a few limitations though; the first being that the results are just for adolescents, no adults were used as a part of this study, so it cannot be readily compared to how having low sleep duration verses high sleep duration would affect adults. There is also the problem that because the sleep wasn’t in a lab, there could have been factors that affected the quality of sleep, not just the amount of sleep. It also seemed that this study didn’t take into account any control factors, so that someone who has ADHD would have had not only a hard time sleeping, when put in the low sleep duration group, but having ADHD causes them to have more mood swings, and a lower attention span, things that would have been recorded as the fault of lack of sleep, when in reality it was caused by the child’s ADHD not the lower amount of sleep. The strengths are that the study’s results were very conclusive that less sleep for adolescents has many negative affects. This, along with the fact that a large random sample was chosen means it could more easily be applied to children has a whole.  

This study relates to the B105 Psychology class because we’ve had lectures on sleep, and how people can be affected when they don’t get enough, and this study shows exactly what happens to children without adequate sleep. This study’s results advance society, because it further provides evidence that sleep is a necessity and how a lack of sleep can negatively affect people. These results can impact society, by showing parents how important sleep can be to their children. It shows that if a child who doesn’t sleep enough is having problems in school, with their concentration or even having symptoms of depression, the solution could be as easy as getting enough sleep at night

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