Homework: Engineering 197 Professional Society Report

Busy work from 197 an intro to engineering major. Just check out some professional societies on the internet and write about it . The grade was participation. 

Professional Society Report
Our assignment for Engineering 195 was simply to visit two different engineering professional sites and write about careers and other information that we would find from these professional sites.  I decided to learn more about the Institute of Industrial Engineers as well as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
The first site I visited was the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.  I chose this one to explore because at IUPUC the only engineering degree offered is one in Mechanical Engineering so if I do become an engineer this would most likely be the society that I’d join.  The first thing that I noticed on the ASME site is that they have a huge variety of articles on their homepage featuring different engineering research and design projects. Although a lot of these are related to mechanical engineering some are part of a broader engineering discipline.
 Further on their site they have information on everything from internships to career development articles that have offer information as well as specific advice on what to, and not to do in certain instances.   I was surprised at how much information the internship articles offered ,  much of which  I didn’t know before. Also on the site is a Jobs Board that shows openings in the mechanical engineering field. For me this was interesting to look at because it offers insight into what skills and knowledge future employers would be looking for when hiring.
The next society I went to was the Institute of Industrial Engineers. This society was my second site, because I wasn’t really sure what an Industrial engineer was, and I wanted to learn more about it. From going to the about page on the Institute of Industrial Engineers I learned that industrial engineering is about improving the efficiency in materials, machines and people.  On their site I found a lot of articles about people succeeding in the Industrial Engineering field and interviews about how they did it.
Although I didn’t find it to be as informative as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ website there was still a lot of information available. Certification classes, and prospective engineer information was available. I did find interesting the case studies that they had about implementing new ideas into businesses and how these worked.
From our assignment on professional societies, I learned more about both mechanical engineering and industrial engineering. Seeing the different articles on the sites about these careers gave me a better idea about what these types of engineers do. I learned more about both the research opportunities as well as the more common jobs that these fields offer.     

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