Homework: Engineering 197 Ethics

Intro to Engineering as a Major homework on ethics. Just had to read a case in the book and see where they went wrong. I think the grade was just participation. 

NSPE Engineering Code of Ethics Case No. 96-4

Based on the Code of Ethics, Engineer A has two major reasons to alert his company about testing, and his recommendations. The first reason is Fundamental Canons 1. of the Code of Ethics “ Hold paramount the safety, health, and welfare of the public. Since this software is for operations that deal with public safety a malfunction of the software under the new standards, this could put people at risk, violating Fundamental Canon 1.
The second is rules of practice #5 “Engineers shall avoid deceptive acts”. By not informing his employer that he knows about new standards that are about to be released he is not only deceiving the people he works for but also the facilities that this software is being made for. Even worse, since this software is for public safety, he is also deceiving the public because Engineer A doesn’t want to be seen as the person who costs the company a lot of money and time. His company could also lose credibility with their customers if they purchase software and found out that it should have been tested further.

Even though Engineer A is worried about proposing tests that are costly and will delay the use of the software, both of which will harm the company he works for, it’s his duty as a professional Engineer, based on two parts of the Code of Ethics to inform his company about the additional testing that is needed.  Public safety, and being honest, is more important than saving money and time, no matter what the pressures are not to tell.

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