Food Photos: Taco Salad, Halloween Cookie, Meat Free Dinners

So I've been working on eating healthier, although the first three photos don't really represent it because they're older. The big picture is of a vegan taco salad that I got from school (made to look like real meat/cheese) and it was terrible. I was starving and so the first 1/3 went down pretty easy but after that it was just too nasty, I couldn't even finish it. It's disappointing too because it looks so good and cost me $5. Next is a vending machine purchase of a halloween cookie. It says home made which is bull since lower it says it was made in some factory. Still the cookie was good like a soft version of the german cookies my grandmother makes. Next is something that I'm not really sure about. Some kind of sandwich though. 

Then comes the healthy meals since it is all new to me. First is lima beans with rice and tomato salad. My parents also had pork burgers, but of course I didn't eat that. Above that is my breakfast that I've done three days in a row. Almonds, raisins and walnuts. Lots of protein and omega 3 fatty acids. Then dinner at my house. Although I don't eat dairy (or any kind of animal) I do eat eggs because they come from my grandparent's house (which I'll be doing a tour of sometime) so I know that there isn't any harm to them. Except for when I make them take selfies with me. They probably don't like that. 

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