Food Photos: Sunchips are High Calorie and NOT Vegan

The first picture isn't actually my food, but actually my friends. I had to take a picture though because I absolutely love these things. They're called bosco sticks and are bread that has string cheese on the inside. I wish they made a vegan option. Back when I was just a humble little vegetarian they were my go to.  Next is sun chips. I've been eating them for awhile and for some reason I just assumed they were vegan. Looking on the back of the pack though I realized that isn't the case at all. They also have about 300 calories which is as much as potato chips. So I guess I'm not eating them again. 

Above that is a fake meat hamburger that I had, and it was pretty good. The bun though was a little soft. Then there is another vending machine food. From now on I pledge never to use the school one again. No matter how hungry or bored I am. 

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